Images from:

• Damn Joan "The Trick" (Dealing in Deceit)

• Chicago Ideas Week "Mirroring" 

• Institute for Art and Olfaction  "Thornapple"

• Birmingham Museum of Art (two sets of site-specific works)  "Olfactory Recipes" and "The Right Time, The Right Space, X Marks the Spot"

High Concept Laboratories "The Right Time, The Right Space, X Marks the Spot"

• Seaside REP Theater "The Right Time, The Right Space, X Marks the Spot"

• Chicago Loop Alliance "Olfactory Recipes"

Thank you for a command performance.

- Kerry James Marshall



Jeanette's work offers a unique blend of interactive performance that is fun and educational, with pieces of magic that weave together modern and historic science with learning experiments and interactive hands-on experiences.

Also, according to the 2017 LaPlaca Cohen "Culture Track" research, ( ) museum attendees are interested 

in the following:

Having fun 81%

Gives life a deeper meaning 78%

Interest in the content76%

Experiencing new things 76%

Learning something new 71%

Feeling inspired 69%

Feeling transported 67 %

Top 4 Characteristics of an Ideal Cultural Activity:





"For culture to matter, it must enable people to find or make meaning. At this particular socio-political moment, reducing stress, providing fun, andoffering perspective are pre-conditions for this to happen."

Download the full study HERE.

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© 2019 by Jeanette Andrews. Background images: Saverio Truglia

This program is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency.

sensory illusions, magic, and art. These performances use her first series of sculptures act as a modern-day magic wand for the scientifically-minded. These "impossible perfume bottles" contain scents that create illusions to explore our perceptions of time, chance, and the biological conditioning of wonder.  magician, artist, chicago, scent art,olfactory art, impossible sculptures,