Scent. Illusions. You.

In this single 'chapter' from her larger work  IN|VISIBLE, magic and illusions with scent art are explored...


The scent of wet dirt and apples imbues audience members with magical powers, objects are hidden in plain sight, and viewers are able create the impossible and predict the future.... Jeanette Andrews presents performances inspired by scents rumored to give one heightened senses (and even perhaps magical powers). Viewers create magic in their own hands, and use scientific oddities and sensory anomalies to bridge everyday life to a special, heightened world.


Shattering the mold of a traditional magic performance, this intimate evening of close-up illusions where audience members will be guided through a series of interactive illusions... Weaving together science and folklore with performance and experiments, the audience creates the performance by making crucial decisions and possessing seemingly impossible knowledge. 

Presented as single pieces or as short performance. 10-30 minutes.

Images below include:

Birmingham Museum of Art

Pleasant Home Museum

Chicago Loop Alliance 

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© 2019 by Jeanette Andrews. Background images: Saverio Truglia

This program is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency.

sensory illusions, magic, and art. These performances use her first series of sculptures act as a modern-day magic wand for the scientifically-minded. These "impossible perfume bottles" contain scents that create illusions to explore our perceptions of time, chance, and the biological conditioning of wonder.  magician, artist, chicago, scent art,olfactory art, impossible sculptures,